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Has the fee structure been determined for 2020?

It is envisaged that fees charges will be finalised by the middle of February. There is a commitment to keep the fees in line with the other Geelong Catholic College’s and this is projected to be around $5500 in 2020.

When do enrolments for 2020 open and close?

Enrolments applications for Yr 7 (2020) are open now and close on 17 May. Enrolments for Year levels beyond 2020 will open in the January of the preceding year of entrance.

Will my children be able to travel by bus to Iona College?

Yes. We are currently working with the Government contracted bus companies to ensure that students have access to Iona. Further details will be released concerning buses in due course.

Do I have to be Catholic to attend Iona College?

Iona will be open to all families who respect and support the Catholic mission and traditions of the college, including non-Catholic families. Our enrolment criteria can be found on the College website and this determines the order of enrolment priority.

How many students are being enrolled at the College in 2020?

The College is aiming to enrol approximately 130 students (five classes) in our first year. This may vary according to demand.

Will my child have the opportunity to participate in sports, camps and excursions?

Absolutely! All of these experiences will a student a holistic education experience and as such Iona College is committed to facilitating these things.

Will the AFL standard sports oval and associated facilities be available in 2020 for my child?

At the recent State election, the State Government committed $5 million dollars to this development. Plans are currently being worked on and this precinct will be established by the start of 2020.

Will the College be holding an Open Day?

The College Principal will be developing a number of meeting and information sessions that are envisaged to start in mid-February. Please stay connected via the College web page and social media pages for further details as they develop regarding these sessions.

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