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We support a culturally safe environment by encouraging and supporting First Nations students to express and enjoy their culture. Our First Nations students connect with culture and community through attending cultural days and camps and spending time with our First Nations Liaison Officer. Our students are the leaders of the future and we aspire to provide experiences and connections that give them a voice and encourage them to grow in confidence. Recognising significant dates on the First Nations calendar, enables the sharing of culture and the celebration of identity. Through learning experiences and the development of relationships, we aspire to create a reconciled world.   

We acknowledge and appreciate the strengths of Aboriginal culture and its importance to the wellbeing and cultural safety of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. We ensure racism towards Aboriginal students and their families or other members of the school community is identified, confronted and not tolerated. Iona College actively supports participation and inclusion of First Nations students and their families.   


Each day at Iona, relationships are strengthened by nurturing justice, equity, and proper recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.   

Lisa Couzens, Iona College First Nations Liaison Officer

At the heart of our school is our Yarning Circle. Yarning circles have been used by First Peoples for thousands of years, and this significant space continues the tradition of yarning where cultural knowledge is preserved and passed between generations.  This space reflects our commitment to reconciliation and healing and is a place of ceremony, welcome and respect. Generations will pass through our College, and our Yarning Circle is a sacred place where we share and celebrate the stories of First Peoples and our faith.  All Iona students and staff are united by participating in a Smoking Ceremony which welcomes them to the College community.   


Iona College is a FIRE (Friends Igniting Reconciliation through Education) Carrier school. The aim of the FIRE Carrier Project is to promote respect, fairness and inclusion for First Nations peoples. To be a FIRE Carrier is to exercise an important leadership role in the school community as these are people who share a passion for learning about First Nations culture and history, who are committed to sharing this knowledge and who actively promote reconciliation within and beyond the school community.  

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