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Year 7 Enrolment Criteria

The selection process is governed by the following criteria, in order of priority:

  • Catholic students from Catholic primary schools;
  • Catholic students from non-Catholic primary schools;
  • Siblings of students currently enroled in higher year levels at Iona College;
  • Baptised students from other Christian denominations;
  • Students who reside locally or are from a primary school local to Iona College.

Families must provide documentary evidence which includes:

  • Birth Certificate;
  • Certificate of Baptism, Communion and Confirmation (Catholic and Christian);
  • Year 5 student school report;
  • Copy of NAPLAN results (if completed)

If applicable, families must also provide:

  • Supporting documentation for students who are currently receiving or eligible for NCCD/SWD funding;
  • Any Custody or Court order documentation;
  • Citizenship certificate, VISA certificate or passport or travel for non Australian residents or non Australian born students;

All requested documentation must be provided on application before your enrolment is considered to be complete and processed.

If you nominate your child’s religion as Catholic or Christian, a baptismal certificate (and any other Sacramental certificates) must be provided on application, otherwise your application will be considered outside of the enrolment criteria stated above.

The Principal reserves the right to determine all enrolment offers made in any given year.

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